Helping Others Get Access Now, to critical early financial education tools.

We’re inviting our network of business owners to join us in our efforts to support students in financial education programming.

We’re looking for supporters to join our efforts to bring financial literacy education to the forefront of underserved communities.


We're raising funds to provide early financial education training to students grades (K-12)


Lack of early financial literacy training has proven to be detrimental in later years


We're delivering an online and offline custom curriculum that resonates with our core community target market

Interested in hearing more about our upcoming events please feel to contact us to discuss in detail.

Other Areas of Focus

Career Exploration

Join the efforts to help introduce a more broader range of career paths. Let's help kids look beyond the norm that's presented in underserved schools and communities.

Basic Finances

High school students need to taught about the banking, credit, budgeting and financial security measures prior to entering college.

Early Cooking Skills

Prepare teens with early cooking habits that they can use once they leave for college.


Early health and hygiene education and medical emergency training.