The power of the letter H:  Our organization operates much similar to the horizontal line in the letter “H”. We serve as the bridge between businesses and community needs.

Business Focus:
We’re a diverse platform dedicated to raising the brand awareness of our network of affiliated brands, products and services through our social efforts. We offer support services to our business network, in addition to our corporate network of Hogan branded partners nationwide. Helping Others Get Access Now 

Family Focus:
We want to use the platform as an information resources for family related events and more, in addition to providing our nationwide family network access to giveaways, specials, and discounts offered from our partners.

Community Focus:
Helping Others Get Access Now to quality community programming. Our social enterprise business model helps us provide opportunities to make positive impacts on the lives of others on a local, city, state, nationwide, and global level. Our focused is to align our business network  to social causes, so that we can unite to make a difference.


We’re curating the world’s largest social good community consisting of Hogan owned, branded or affiliated businesses.


ACCESS & AWARENESS: It’s bigger than a name..